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Keep Your Windows Clean: Learn How to Avoid Water Spots

Window Water Spot

The windows on your house affect its curb appeal and not just the style of your windows. Windows that are dirty make a house’s exterior look unclean and unkempt. Dirt and neglect contribute to dirty windows, but hard water stains provide an equal contribution. Learn why you have these spots on your windows and the steps you can take to eliminate them. 

Clean the Gutters

When it rains, the moisture hits the roof and rolls down through the gutters. The gutters then transport this rainwater through a series of channels that eventually lead the water down and away from your home. This result is the description of a properly functioning gutter system. Gutters that are clogged won't perform in this manner.
Gutters clog when animal nests, branches, and other debris roll down from the roof and settle in the gutters' water channels. The clog forces the water to instead roll down the side of your home, which includes your windows.
The average homeowner can get by with cleaning their gutters two times a year, at the start of fall and in late spring, but for houses in areas with a lot of trees, more frequent gutter cleanings may be necessary. 

Adjust the Sprinklers

Sprinklers are notorious for causing hard water stains on windows, but there is a way to keep your lawn watered without making the glass dirty. The key to keeping the glass clean is to divert the sprinkler away from the glass. The next time your sprinklers are on, head outside to see which direction they're facing to determine if the sprinklers are the problem.
If the sprinklers are forcing water onto the glass, adjust them so that the water travels away from your house and out towards your lawn. If you have bushes or other plants that also need watering near the windows, invest in a soaker or drip irrigation system to cover these areas and prevent splatter on the windows. 

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Life is unpredictable and uncontrollable. No matter how hard you work to prevent hard water stains from collecting on your glass, sometimes the inevitable occurs. An established cleaning schedule can help. Just as with other stains, the more aggressive you are at preventing stains from building up, the better.
However, windows are sometimes an afterthought when it comes to home cleaning. Aim to clean your windows at least two times a year. You can hire a professional service to perform this step for you, but if you choose to clean the glass on your own, use a microfiber cleaning tool to prevent scratches on the glass. 

Take a Closer Look

Sometimes the buildup on a window looks like a hard water stain but is something else entirely, such as poor humidity control, especially if you have double-pane windows. When the level of humidity inside your home is excessive, compared to the level of humidity in the outside air, moisture builds up between the panes of glass.
This moisture can cause significant problems like rotting and mold growth and can also stain the glass and give it a cloudy-like appearance. In this scenario, you need to first tackle the reason for the excess humidity in your house and replace the window to restore the appearance of your home. 
Keep your house looking just as clean and appealing on the outside as it does inside. However, when the source of window discoloration is not hard water but instead the result of a moisture concern, don't ignore the signs that it's time for window replacement. At Economy Glass Inc., we can handle your window care and replacement needs; contact us to learn how.

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