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4 Ways to Ready Your Windows for Winter

When winter hits, you want to make sure your home is ready for the cold. Much of your home's energy is lost via your windows - as much as 30 percent of your home's energy bill is caused by window energy loss.
With the right window care, you can actually reduce heat loss by a substantial amount, around 25 percent. Before winter comes around, make sure your home's windows and glass are ready for the falling temperatures. Here are four ways you can make your home winter-ready simply by focusing on your windows

Repair/Replace Drafty Windows

Any window that lets in a draft now will be letting in freezing air in the winter. Even worse, a drafty window can get frozen by moisture that turns to ice, making the window difficult to operate.
You can test to see if you have drafty windows by doing two things: you can place a lit candle in front of a (closed) window to see if the candle flame flickers. If it does, then you have a drafty window. Another way to test your windows is to tape a paper towel over the glass - if it flutters, then a draft may be at play.
It's best to have your glass specialist inspect your windows and replace glass or windowsills as needed. Until you can get drafty windows repaired, cover them with a thick paper or plastic to help keep the cold out.

Replace Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping is vital to making your home more energy efficient. Weather-stripping is placed on the exterior of your home around doors, window frames and other prone areas. Weather-stripping can get worn or become laden with debris, so replacing it every winter season is a wise idea. With tightly fit weather-stripping around your windows, you can trap cool air and moisture out of your home.

Replace Broken Glass

Broken window glass should be replaced for many reasons: broken glass can shatter and become a safety hazard, can compromise the safety of your home against intruders and can allow winter cold to enter your home easily. Your broken glass windows should be replaced by a professional to ensure a tight fit of new glass and proper removal of old glass.
Until you can get broken window panes fixed by an expert, you can secure the glass from further breakage by using electrical or packing tape to steady broken or cracked glass in its place. Always wear protective leather or work gloves when handling glass, and keep children and pets away from the affected areas until an expert has repaired affected glass.

Upgrade Window Glass

Finally, a great way to get your windows ready for winter temperatures is to update all single-paned glass to double- or triple-paned, UV-protecting varieties. There are many modern styles of window glass on the market today to allow for energy efficiency and home comfort. Talk to your glass installation expert about varieties available based on your budget and winter preparation needs.
Don't wait until winter has already begun to get your windows properly prepared for weather changes. It's best to get your windows inspected, repaired or replaced by fall so your windows are fully prepped for winter temperatures. Call your glass installation expert to set up an appointment as soon as you are able to ensure your windows get the maintenance they need before weather drastically changes.
Your home can greatly benefit from winter-ready windows. Making your home more energy efficient can save you money while keeping your home comfortable. Our expert staff at Economy Glass Inc are able to meet your needs and address concerns you have about your windows this winter.


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