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2 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding Glass Patio Doors
It can be difficult for homeowners to know when it is time to replace patio doors. Unlike home appliances, there are no recommended replacement schedules that allow you to simply check the date on the calendar to see if it is finally time to replace those doors. However, there are many tell-tale signs that your family and home would benefit greatly from a new set of doors. 
Read on to learn two signs that it is time to replace your sliding glass patio doors. 
1. Your Doors Lack Modern Security Features
If you have had the same patio doors for many years, then realize that many old patio doors do not have the safety mechanisms that modern patio doors do. Having a set of patio doors that are as secure from home intruders as possible is important for the safety of your family and belongings. 
These doors are typically in the rear of a home where a home intruder can break in without being seen by neighbors as easily as they would when breaking in a front door. Approximately 22 percent of home intruders break into homes through the back door. 
When you update your patio doors, look for the following modern security features:
  • Double-bolt locks. These locks are much more secure than traditional latch-style patio door locks that many older patio doors have. 
  • Impact-resistant glass. This glass is much more difficult to break than traditional glass. Alternatively, you can purchase a new door with traditional glass and have a special security window film applied over it that makes break-ins more difficult. 
  • A security bar. Determined thieves often break into sliding glass doors by simply lifting them off their frames. A security bar, along with high-quality locks, can prevent this and also prevent forcing of the doors open by brute force, even if they break the lock. 
Once you update your sliding glass patio doors, you can feel more confident that your doors are as secure as possible against even the most determined home invaders. 
2. Your Doors Are Not As Energy-Efficient As They Could Be
Some patio doors are simply not designed with energy efficiency in mind. If your current set of doors has a standard metal frame, then realize that metal is a very conductive material. It can become very cold in the winter and transfer this cold into your home. In the summer, it also heats up easily and transfers the heat into your home. 
In addition, the weatherstripping on old sliding patio doors (if it was equipped with weatherstripping, to begin with) wears away quickly, and some doors are manufactured in a way that makes simply replacing the weatherstripping difficult to impossible. If your patio doors have become drafty, then that is a sign that they lack proper weatherstripping. 
Finally, since sliding glass patio doors are composed mainly of glass, if the glass in your doors is not extremely insulative, then your doors are simply not as energy efficient as they could be. 
For a more energy efficient set of patio doors, look for the following features:
  • A vinyl frame or insulated metal frame. Since vinyl is not a very conductive material, it is much more energy efficient than metal. However, some modern metal frames with thermal breaks have insulation inside the frames, making them additional energy-efficient frame options. 
  • Quality weatherstripping. The right weatherstripping for your patio door will vary depending on its frame material and style. 
  • Double-pane glass with an optional low-E coating. Double-pane glass with an argon gas fill between glass panes offers much more insulation than single-pane glass. Opt for a low-E coating for additional energy efficiency. This coating is made up of fine particles of metal that reflect heat back outdoors in the summer and back indoors in the winter. 
Once you replace your old, drafty patio doors, you may notice an increase in home comfort and a reduction in home heating and cooling bills. 
If your patio doors lack modern security and/or energy-efficient features, then it is time to replace them. Reach out to Economy Glass Inc to discuss your patio door replacement options. 

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